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Sean Strick Northeast Tattoo artist

About Us


Northeast Tattoo serves as the premier tattoo parlor in historic Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our purpose is simply bringing your ideas to life, all within the scope of clean, experienced tattooing. Whether you are looking for a custom design, classic flash, or to breathe new life into an existing tattoo, we strive to exceed your expectations.

In addition to offering professional, affordable tattoos, we at Northeast Tattoo pride ourselves on our world class Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic.  Fadeaway Laser Tattoo Removal provides state of the art technology, medical expertise, and comprehensive results, all at competitive rates, with no obligation whatsoever.

“Bold simplicity is the keynote to good design.” – Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins


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At Northeast Tattoo, the safety of our clients is of the utmost importance.  We ensure that all tattoo instruments and materials are single use or sterilized in an environment that exceeds industry standards.  Northeast Tattoo practices city, state, and federal industry health protocol to ensure that our artists, facility, and clients are in a safe, sterile, and professionally regulated environment.  Northeast Tattoo is licensed by the city of Minneapolis, the state of Minnesota, and meets all professional industry standards.
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